We believe that positive early experiences in our lessons lead to a lifetime love of the water. Our pool is truly an Aquatic Child Development Centre.

Part of our commitment to finding the swimmer in every child is by making our lessons into adventure playgrounds of success! A set of skills introduced through an “adventure” creates an enjoyable learning atmosphere that utilizes play, creative expressions, self-discovery and independent thinking to achieve the goals of the lesson.

Each activity in the adventure is geared toward specific learning processes or themes such as finding ways through obstacle courses. A portion of every lesson should provide an opportunity for the children to be involved with self-discovery and exploration. An adventure allows children to compare their progress with themselves, and no one else – and thus everyone enjoys success!

We encourage year round participation to develop strong swim and personal water safety skills. Swimming is a lifetime skill that improves and strengthens with practice. Our goal is to teach children the individual skills of swimming so that the end result will produce a skillful and safe swimmer. The year round program allows the child to continue building on his or her abilities with consistent reinforcement and repetition without regression found in seasonal programs.

Quality Aquatic Education

What Makes Our Program So Effective?