Our award-winning curriculum is designed to ensure your child’s success. Lessons for pre-schoolers and school age children are structured by goal directed theme weeks.

Generally, a session of lessons includes these themes:

Assessment – Inventory of current skills

Back to the Basics – review breath control, body position, etc.

Kicking – focus on an efficient, propulsive kick for appropriate swim strokes

Propulsion – focusing on forward mechanics of movement in stroke skills

Putting It All Together – review and refinement of all skills required in specific levels

Smooth and Strong – building on propulsion and efficiency in the water

Safety – students will experience swimming in personal floatation devices and will practice various personal water safety skills

Aqua-Carnival – the finale’ of each lesson set… the last lesson is a party… common themes are “Under the Sea” and “Aqua-Circus”

You will observe in our upper level stroke classes that we work on the mantra that “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Strokes”… in other words we will always focus on technique and performance before distance.

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